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“The Blue Paper” No. 299 | From Freedom to Security, from Security to Slavery

Onesimus“Now they did not understand that he called God his father….
“Then Jesus said to those Jews that believed him: If you continue in my word, you shall be my disciples indeed:
“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
“They answered him: We are the seed of Abraham, and we have never been slaves to any man; how sayest thou, You shall be free?
“Jesus answered them: Amen, amen I say unto you, that whosoever committeth sin, is servant of sin” (John VIII, 27, 31–34).

Human life is full of contrarieties between the Creator and we His creatures. Indeed, He has one will and we another; He declares one thing to be good for us, and we fancy other objects to be good for us, many times not useful for salvation. Men play games with human life in the modern world, not only building and maintaining an industry of abortion and euthanasia but also in framing a market for human trafficking. Is there a difference between slavery and this human trafficking which affects freedom and safety in today’s world after the 9/11 event?

In his touching letter to Philemon, while fully recognizing the claims of the master, the Apostle St. Paul exhorts him to receive Onesimus (a name which means “useful”) not only as his slave but also as his brother in Christ. While pleading for the slaves, he does not exempt Onesimus from the lawful service he owes to his master. This brief Epistle of twenty-five verses has served as a guiding principle to the Church in her solution of the issue of slavery. It has contributed immensely to alleviate the miseries of humanity, immersed both in pagan practices (such as witchcraft) and esoteric cults.

Slavery has always been a problem in human life. In a chain reaction, the rejection of Almighty God developed a dominating power in the conduct of men, in the individual as well as the social domain. Slavery in its most odious form is still openly upheld in some countries. As it was before in Paganism, so it is now in the Neo-Pagan World with its naturalistic worship and unnatural customs in today’s society. Let us remember that social problems are characteristic standards whereby to evaluate the moral and religious condition of families and nations—like those modern social problems of divorced families and same-sex partners, like abortion and euthanasia, like slavery and human trafficking, and so forth.

Among the many occupations of human life, transactions of worldly business and speculation in trade are among the most attractive to men during this earthly existence. Needless to say, ambitious people encounter public events to rouse degeneration and degradation of our human nature—that of creatures made in the likeness of God.

Many unhappy men, denying the need of God, reduce themselves to having unnatural appetites, not according to our dignity as rational beings. What is to be thought of people who are ever searching after novelties to make human life interesting to them? It seems that Christian activity cannot be kept up without opposition. Can we doubt that man’s will runs contrary to God’s will in today’s world in regards to our eternal destiny?

Numberless slaves were and are acquired by military conquest. Many others are purchased in the slave-market, or obtained by kidnapping. Children were and are being sold by impoverished or sordid traders; men are sold for debt or for a gambling problem; and certain crimes were and are punished by perpetual servitude, including the potential loss of one’s life.

As a matter of fact, the Roman historian Tacitus says, “An atrocious law ordained that if a master was murdered, all the slaves of his household, excepting those in chains and helpless invalids, should be put to death” (Annal. XIII, 32).

The wretched condition of slaves in pagan countries is often more intolerable due to aggravating circumstances. In truth, kidnapping and prostitution are most injurious influences on the populace in restraining physical freedom, but even worse in promoting sinful belligerence against Our Lord Jesus Christ’s teaching. There are men who denigrate labor, increase idleness and foster immorality, which are characteristic vices among Pagan nations.

For instance, slave marriage was not recognized by civil law. Their union was regarded only as a “living-together,” and they had no parental rights over their children, who belong exclusively to the master. So, the words of adultery, incest, polygamy, had no meaning for them. Are these words also meaningless for us?

Many people are enticing themselves from their easy-going life. They debarred others from honest labor, branding a stigma on them. They are betaking themselves to corrupting professions, including those of political spies and religious sermonizers. Therefore, debauchery and corruption of morals had been the worst features of depicting slavery in one way. And this is the case of our modern society. Human Trafficking is a problem, a very serious issue in today’s world.

children-403582_640Perhaps “Human Trafficking” sounds different, but is it the same thing as slavery. In fact, from Europe to Asia, and from Africa to America, there is an infrastructure of social networking that contributes to each favorite vice, swelling the common tide of depravity. And suddenly, an E-commerce became indoctrinated with the iniquity of this social network. Such marketing denied the privileges of a lawful family, and plunged men into the lowest depths of sensuality. Some mothers have ceased to train their own children. They have neither inclination nor capacity for such duties. The instruction of the youth is entrusted to electronic nannies, mistresses of violence and selfish pleasures.

As a result of the social decline with which today’s life is imbued, we are amply punished by the moral degradation, not only of each individual and family but also of a whole society and nation. There are men and women, children and adults, under the influence of an unscrupulous elite, with the terrible consequence of their being initiated into different species of vice.

With no protection, some people are abused by such modern psychological warfare in the media. Taught from childhood to adulthood, news and the truth are manipulated and often distorted from reality.

Years ago, to a certain extent, religion and the political power-game worked as the driving force of slavery. But in our times sensuality and witchcraft are leading to a different level of tyranny and satanic worship.

Those worldly accomplishments are seducing mankind into an excessive love of self, abandoning God and to the detriment of the love of our neighbor. We are too much inclined by nature to live for convenience’ sake, rather than by faith.

From this perspective, then, economic revenue is sufficient to seduce one even more. When vanities and pretentious ambitions lead men to love the materialistic, ungodly world, other people make the most of their time by plunging into an excess of sensual personal gratification. Others try to forget their human misery, both material and spiritual, in a continued round of intoxicating pleasures (drugs and alcohol). No wonder we see so often that, finding no satisfaction in pleasures or the society of meaningless persons, many of them often take refuge in a suicidal attitude. Suicide, unfortunately, is too frequently committed in our times, because they have emancipated themselves from truth in religion and in principle of life. They became SLAVES of passions and vices, and therefore they have despaired of losing their real freedom and security. If self-destruction is so common nowadays, it is because divine revelation is not part of human life. Absolutely, the existence of God as the Creator of Human Life must be restored in our daily duties. It is only through Our Lord Jesus Christ’s redemption that mankind will realize its ultimate end.

In concluding, here is an analogy: as the Jews in the time of Christ became carnal-minded even by the influence of their divinely-appointed system, and thereby rejected the Savior of their souls; in like manner, men of today’s world are hardened by looking at things created by God while forgetting their Creator, and thus reject Jesus Christ!

So, if we would like to be in the world to come, we must go back to our Creator, for we cannot expect that the present system of human interaction will return to God without practicing the Ten Commandments. It is a plain matter of self-interest in eternal salvation, to turn our thoughts to the means of changing our mind and heart, and to take serious care of our duty towards Our Lord Jesus Christ. Woe to us, if we make pride or selfishness, the standard of human life without practicing the Catholic Faith.

Indeed, familiarity with the ungodly modern world makes men discontented with Christian doctrine. Let us reject the slavery of sin-world-devil. As St. John said, the truth shall make you free!

¡Viva Cristo Rey!
Father Zendejas

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